Chairman's Message

Dear Students,

In a country where education is held in very high esteem and the teacher is equated to God, we at Sri Lakshmi Ammaal Engineering College have dedicated ourselves to impart education and develop the student to be a responsible engineer and individual. Students of Sri Lakshmi Ammaal Engineering College are groomed carefully and the virtues of hard work, discipline and ethical practices in profession are imbibed in them constantly during their campus life. Campus life here stresses the importance of extra academic activities apart from academic learning, leading them to many new avenues. All these go a long way in making our student a thoroughbred professional, eminently suited to contribute in his chosen career with an ever open mind for new thoughts and ideas in industrial and technological advancements. We are hence confident that our students equipped with such capabilities will emerge as valuable contributory assets to the development of the organizations they serve as well as to the nation.

Dr. J. Sundeep Aanand

B.E, M.S(USA) (Ph.D)


Principal's Message

Dear Students,

You are, indeed, blessed to find opportunity of being educated at oneof the best colleges of Tamil Nadu,Sri Lakshmi Ammaal Engineering College. This institution has played a cascading rolein the career andpersonality of enumerable students who have brought laurel to the college,state and country alike.Different societies and associations like Club, Youth Club, Red CrossSociety, not only the love for social service, discipline, compassionfor nature, agility and awareness for one's rights and duties, pridefor Indian culture and traditions; but also make them good humanbeings and confident leaders. One of the best libraries subscribe alltypes of books, magazines and journals required to be apprised of thelatest information to the students at the world level.

Have ambitions and aims untrammelled and your hard work, enthusiasm,resilience laced with knowledge and intellect would take you to anyextent you desire. Make it a habit to read newspapers daily and ensurethe optimum use of library. Respect for your teachers and college staff, mutual love and co-operation, discipline, focused approach, thenotion of compassion and sacrifice for the nation the passion forcleanliness of your college premises and environment in general,agility and alertness for eco-balance, would definitely go a long wayto provide you a blissful and successful life. Time management isanother asset in the fervent stride for success; ensure yourattendance in the classes.

I hope our humble effort will go a long way in putting the college atinformation super highway for making the institution a real instrumentof socio-economic change while improving the quality of educationthrough technology. It is for the faculty and students to put this site to better use and achieve the desired results.

With best wishes and blessing for the upcoming session.

Dr. R.M.Suresh

B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.,FIE, FIETE, FIET.,