Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and communication engineering was established in the year 2001. It offers Undergraduate programme in B.E Electronics & Communication engineering & Post Graduate Programme in M.E Applied Electronics.

With the objective of educating, training and developing highly qualified engineers capable of meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing system and capable of handling other diverse issues in Electronics and Communication Engineering.


To make the students technologically superior and ethically strong and built them as professionals who will become trend setters in the industry.


To develop a strong center of excellence for education and research with excellent infrastructure and well qualified faculties to instill in them a passion for knowledge


Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates find opportunities in the terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like telephones, cellular phones, television, optical fiber communication, consumer and entertainment devices and space programs research.

The field of Electronics and Communication is one of the imperative branches in engineering. This department has a team of dedicated, talented, well qualified and an experienced teaching faculty. The department also has qualified and dedicated supporting staff for our laboratories. This course covers a wide range of topics centered around radio based communications, radar systems. It has a long tradition of excellence in electromagnetism and its application and continues to exploit with a combination of fundamental and applied research. The topics covered range from antennas, through microwave circuits, radio-wave propagation, optics, networking and radar, to communications signal processing.


Sri Lakshmi Aammal Engineering College and CADD Centre Training Services, Tambaram entered into Memorandum Of Understanding On 6th February 2012.MOU was signed by our principal Dr.M.Sundhararajan and the Director for Parametric Consultancy services.


Sri Lakshmi Aammal Engineering College and Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited, Tambaram are going to enter into Memorandum Of Understanding in January 2013.MOU will be signed by our principal Dr.M.Sundhararajan and the DGM of BSNL.


  • Encouraging faculty members for Ph.D. programs.
  • Conducting conferences and seminars.
  • Crafting a research center to facilitate the faculty members to pursue their higher studies leading to the doctoral degrees.
  • To continue to organize annual student level seminars/paper presentations/project exhibitions for the benefit of the students at large.
  • To get sponsorships from organizations for students and faculty projects.


  • To improve the infrastructure to achieve R&D activities in full swing.
  • To have laboratories set up by industries and software organizations to start consultancy.
  • To create an endowment fund to recognize and appreciate the services of faculty members and students.
  • Creating a center of excellence for Electronics and Communication Engineering


Microprocessor Lab:

This lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors.

Networks & Communication Lab:

This lab is provided with sophisticated equipments to simulate and test LAN and wireless networks.

Digital Signal Processing Lab:

This lab is provided with DSP kit with TMS6713, TMS6403 processors.

Electronic Devices Lab:

All basic Electronic devices and their characteristics, applications can be studied. Using these devices the electronic circuits can be constructed and can be checked.


This lab is provided with FPGA kits, Traffic light controller Board, Digital I/O boards to simulate and synthesis Verilog/VHDL codes using Xilinx.

Linear Integrated Circuits Lab:

This lab is provided with linear ICs, 555 timer, PLL, VCO ICs to create and verify linear circuits.

RF & Microwave:

In this microwave lab characteristics of klystron power supplies, Gunn power supplies and microwave wave guides like directional couplers etc. can be studied.

Digital Electronics lab:

This lab is provided with digital trainer kits to test and verify the digital logics.

Electronic Design Lab:

This lab is provided with various electronic components to design various electronic systems.


This is an effort to inculcate passion for signal & image processing in students and encourage them to do research in these areas. Our PG students and staffs are utilizing this center to do their research work.


11 Guest lectures have been conducted on various topics including Carbon Nano Sensor of FET, Adaptive Filters, Spectral Estimation, Wireless Computing in 3G networking, Speech Compression etc.


  • We have conducted 8 national conferences.
  • We have conducted two International Conferences.
  • We have conducted 6 workshops on DSP, MATLAB etc.
  • We have conducted 5 technical symposiums.
  • We have organized for a “ONE DAY NATIONAL LEVEL SEMINAR ON RECENT TRENDS IN ELECTRONICS “on 27th February 2013.
  • We have organized for a “NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, VLSI & SIGNAL PROCESSING “on 27th and 28th march 2013.